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Retirement & Nursing Home, Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Living Center

Admission To Our Community Living Center

Thank you for expressing your interest in Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Living Center in Walsenburg.

The decision to come to a long - term care setting is neither easily made, nor should it be taken lightly. We at Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Living Center feel confident that once you have visited us, all reservations surrounding this important decision will be erased.

Included for your assistance are an application packet and a brochure that describe our facility.

If your request for this information has come at a time of a health care crisis where immediate placement of a veteran is needed, please be advised that the expedient gathering of the required information and documents outlined is critical. A checklist has been provided for you concerning the documentation you will need for admissions acceptance.

If you have any further questions concerning any part of the application process, please feel free to call 1~800~645~8387 or (719) 738~5133. We look forward to meeting you.

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